The Thomson BNB01 Neckband. Designed and Built for life on the go.

Thomson Audio

So you live a life that is always on the go. Fast paced and full of energy you need something that will fill it with beats and tunes. While keeping you connected. Boy! Have we got the solution for you.

Let’s introduce you to the Thomson BNB01 Neckband. Now this is a form factor that beats all the other headphone designs. Forget the regular headphones that you wear over your head. They slip and shift, are heavy and basically a bit of a pain to carry around. And let’s not start with earpods, those were made to get lost. 

 Here’s why you should always opt for a neckband and more precisely, the Thomson BNB01 neckband. Let’s start with the design. First you can see the simple elegance of European sensibilities. It’s not flashy but very sophisticated. They mean business. The materials feel great and there is a lightness that results in fatigue free day long wearing.

 Take a closer look at the earpieces. The 45 degree angle ensure a perfect fit that is comfortable and secure. They do not pop out and sit flush with your ear. Basically, you slip them on and they stay there till you decide to take them off. The clever angle also enables better sound. The buds slide into your ear easily and allow the least noise intrusions possible.

 Then let’s move to the technology that you will find inside. Let’s start with the sound. We are talking True HD sound output, something every few headphones allow you to experience. The 10mm drivers are big and robust so that the quality of the sound is rich. The bass is full and has a deep thump. Mid and high range frequencies and clear. Together all this creates a large concert like effect in your head.

 Moving on to the other features this beauty is loaded with. There is Bluetooth 5.0. for faster and more secure connections. You can link up with devices fast and easily. The battery is an enormous 110mAh that delivers 8 hours of playtime. That is enough to power you through a day. And it charges fast so topping up is a breeze. 

 Visits to the gym, long jogs, strenuous aerobics sessions are all welcome here. The IPX5 rating means the BBN01 can take on sweat, splashes and all the other things life might throw at them. This combined with the design that we spoke about earlier means you will have more workout time and less headphone adjustment moments.

 Here is the ace in the hole that we love. It is a way to switch off the noisy world. The BNB01 comes with Noise Cancellation Technology. This takes away up to 90% of all ambient noise. To leave you with pure clean music.

 Once you connect, the Bnb01 to your phone you can then put it away. All the controls you need to answer, end and reject calls are at your fingertips. The control panel has been designed to be user friendly. It will take just a few minutes for your fingers to figure them out and once they do you will be using all the functions even if you are multi-tasking or totally distracted.

 So, take the weight of your head and choose the BNB01 Neckband. It is the only one that can fill your life and lifestyle with the right soundtrack.