Yo! Thomson’s BBX01 is in the house!

Thomson Audio


Whassuppp! If you want to know get the Thomson BBX01 party carry boombox and and you’ll get to know. This is one little blaster that will make the tunes and tracks flow like sunshine, bright and full of energy.

 The BBX01 is a cool piece of digital tech. It has 30watts of power. 2 3inch speaker. And Dual Passive Radiators. Put that all together and you have a carnival in a box. The sound is loud, clean, bright and with enough bass to make the windows rock and roll.

 Added to this are a lot of other features. Let’s start with the Voice Control. Press the pause button for a longer time and you wake up Siri or Google Assistant. Then just talk and get your playlist on the move while your hands can do more important stuff. (Hint, hint)

 Now a lot of you out there have their music all over the place. On phones, Sd cards and whatever. All these are welcome here. The BBx01 connects via Aux, has an SD port, plays MP3 files, Bluetooth with a 30ft range and even FM radio. So you will never be short of music. The sky is the limit here.

 Moving on to the battery. We have one that has the stamina to go on all night. Loaded with a 3000mAh battery that charges fast give you 7 hours of music is the volume is kept at 50%. And believe me 50% volume is all you will need.

 What’s a party without lights! So this bad boy comes loaded with hidden lights that turn on and dance to the beats at your command. This flashing lights light up the speakers from within and set the mood like never before. It’s like you own club in a box.

 All this is also built tough. An IPX5 rating means it is splash proof and dust proof. Take it to the park, beach, poolside or just start a party the next time you are stuck in a traffic jam. People will love you for it.

 The real magic happens when you get two BBx01s together. Built with the latest True Wireless Connectivity (TWS) technology means you just pair them up and double the volume and the fun. Now you have 60Watts instead of 30. Enough to bring the house down.

 To make sure you stand out in the crowd there are a list of customizable options that you can choose from. You get a coloured strap to make it pop when you carry it around.  Or choose the model with the ‘Youth Machine’ sticker and see how conversations start around that.

 The best part is that this blaster will set the dance floor on fire but will not burn a hole in your pocket.